Coaching Tip - September 2022

The Attacking Lob

A much underused shot in tennis
The attacking lob can be played with the forehand and either the single or two handed backhand.
This stroke should be played with topspin helping to bring the ball down into court reducing the risk of hitting the ball out.

Using the attacking lob

The attacking lob can be used in doubles to hit over the net player or to trap the opposing player on the baseline.
Similarly in singles the attacking lob can be used to create a high bouncing ball on the baseline or to hit over the player at the net or against the serve volleyer.
The topspin makes it more difficult for your opponent to smash or volley because it is harder to time the ball
when it drops quickly as a result of the spin.

Technique involved

The grip
• Use the same grip as for your topspin forehand (semi western) and backhand (eastern or semi western for 1 or 2 hands) ground strokes
Preparation and backswing
• Prepare the racquet take back as if hitting a normal topspin forehand or backhand
• Drop the racquet head below the ball
• The racquet face should be closed at the back of the swing
• Your body weight should be on the back foot (right for right-handers)
Forward swing and point of contact
• Hit up through the ball
• accelerate the racquet head from below the ball with a brisk upward action up and through the ball to rotate it in a forward direction
• At contact point ensure the racquet face is perpendicular to the ground
• Keep your wrist loose and relaxed so that you get good racquet head speed
Follow through
• Ensure that you follow through in an upward and forward direction with a quick low to high action
• Finish with your elbow at head height and the racquet above your head
• Practice the attacking lob during your training sessions
• This stroke will then become a part of your game during matches
• Practicing this stroke will also help you achieve more topspin and therefore more height over the net on your forehand and backhand ground strokes.
• Improves your ground stroke consistency

I hope that you will find the hints outlined above of some assistance and that you are able to use the attacking lob as part of your game play during matches. This will improve your consistency and help to boost your confidence so that you are able enjoy your matches and play to your ability and get the results that you deserve.

Tennis the game of a lifetime

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Steve James
HEAD coach